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Electronic and Online Signature Solution

eFax® allows you to easily create your signature online. Away from the office? Sign and send documents by email or fax through any web browser using our free iOS and Android Apps from your mobile or tablet. Discover why Electronic Signature has been one of our most popular features for years.

  • Electronic Signature Process - Easily create your Electronic Signature (finger signature and image capture), store it online or in our App, add it to documents when and where you need and then send by fax or email. Your signed document is saved and stored.

  • What types of documents can you sign electronically? - eFax® Electronic Signature can be used on:

    • Invoices
    • Timesheets / Timecards
    • Purchase orders
    • Proposals
    • Contracts
    • Expense sheets and much more

You can add your signature anywhere on the document in a matter of seconds – no printer, scanner or pen required. Even better, if you're on the road, you can sign documents with your smartphone on the spot. Create a new "Electronic Signature Features".

What features do you receive with eFax® Electronic Signature?

Signing electronically eliminates the need to continually print, sign and scan documents, saving you significant time and money. Here are some of the features you'll receive with Electronic Signature.

  • Online Signature – It's easy to create your online signature using image capture (upload a picture of your actual signature) or via finger signature on our App.

  • Access via Mobile – Log in via the browser of your choice, or with our free iOS and Android Apps, so you'll never be tied to a desk for faxing.

  • Drag and Drop - Simply place your signature anywhere you want on the document.

  • Resize Signature – Make you signature image larger or smaller as required.

  • Document Types – Sign any document you receive via eFax®, as it is automatically converted to an easy-to-use PDF or TIFF file.

  • Upload Documents – With eFax® you can quickly upload a PDF or TIFF document to sign, anywhere, anytime.

  • Choose to Send by Email or Fax – Depending on your needs, you can always select to email or fax your documents at any time.

  • Time Stamp – Upon sending a fax document our system keeps a record of the time you sent it.

  • Store and Reuse – You can always resend any signed documents, as they are archived for you.

Additional Features

  • Document Storage - Archive your signed documents in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere at anytime, for as long as you need them.

  • Large File Transfer - Easily send large files that are too big for email, such as videos without resulting in blocked or bounced email.

  • Fax - Send/Receive faxes as email attachments or download our app and your smartphone becomes a fax machine.

  • Mobility - Access your agreements straight from your mobile using our FREE Android/iOS apps.

Reasons You Should Choose eFax® Electronic Signature

With eFax® you can say goodbye to the need for a printer, pen and scanner to sign your documents. eFax® Electronic Signature offers you the following benefits:

  • Save Time – Imagine how much time you'll save never having to print, sign and then scan in the same document again.

  • Save Money – Eliminate the costs of a scanner, reams of paper and endless ink cartridges.

  • Close Business Deals Faster - Need to close a deal quickly? eFax® Electronic Signature allow you to sign and send documents on any web browser or on the fly using your mobile or tablet, using our FREE iOS and Android apps.

  • Sign Quickly – Unlike other market leading competitors, there is no need to build a template and tag each document in the interface. eFax® documents can be quickly uploaded or received and signed.

  • No Risk - With eFax® you can try our service free for 30 days and our monthly service only costs £7.50 per month after that. With monthly payments you can cancel any time.

  • Authentic Signature - eFax® enables you to use your proper signature, whereas many competitors only use "sample" signatures that you must choose from.

  • Faxes Included - Fax 150 pages free per month.

  • Mobility - Sign anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

  • Go Green - Go paperless and eliminate wasteful expenditures as you help protect the environment.

  • Less Hassle – Avoid the many hassles of traditional signing. No waiting, no printing, scanning, or paper jams.

Electronic Signature Vs Digital Signature

Electronic Signature and Digital Signature are terms that are often confused. A digital signature requires a certificate that is linked to your computer; it is far more expensive and requires a more complex setup. Most companies and users do not require this level of complexity and electronic signature solutions are the perfect solution for their requirements. Need more information? Please contact or call us on the number above.

Why eFax®? - More Than Just Fax

eFax® continues to evolve to support your transactional business needs. For over 15 years eFax®'s 11 million customers have depended on our fax-to-email solution for getting business done.

eFax® now offers a host of advanced features that can help you manage your documents online. Our new Electronic Signature feature and Document Management suite will help you continue to be fast and efficient at managing your documents online and sending them via fax or email. At eFax® we help you close the deal faster!

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